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We build scalable Web & Mobile applications.

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The apps you need, together on one tool, everything’s updated in real time.

We are Django experts, but building great products requires extensive usage of many other things: Angular/Backbone JS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Node.JS, Nginx, AWS, Heroku and more.

Code Quality

Code that is flexible, testable & readable. We follow "PEP 8”, the de-facto code style guide for Python.


We follow the SCRUM framework for development. You'll interact with a developer every day. We want to ensure the right product is built, and a high level of communication helps us achieve that.

Meeting Deadlines

When you provide clear project scope and specifications, we can provide accurate estimates & never miss deadlines.

support & maintenance

Post-development, we offer flexible maintenance plans so your product runs smoothly and is always up-to-date.


An integrated suite of business applications for small & medium-sized companies. Apps include CRM, Project Management, HRMS, Invoicing, & More. One platform for your team to collaborate. One platform to sell, deliver and support customers.




CMS for web publishing companies to easily create, manage and monetize: portals, magazines, newspapers, business directories, or communities. Organize information and provide an interactive, personalized media experience to online users.




Online marketplace for outdoor advertising. For OOH Media Buyers, AdHome offers advanced inventory search; targeting by demographic, ad format, locality, places and price. AdHome helps OOH Media Sellers expand their reach to: local, national & international media buyers.

Coming Soon!

Building complete solution

Have an idea, but lack the technical skills to make it a reality? We'll help you launch quickly, and be there to adjust and scale when your idea takes off.

We have experience working with startups (bootstrapped or funded)


Help with existing product

Are you looking to expand your team? We can offer dedicated developers to work with you remotely (full-time). Our cross-functional team of developers specialize in either Front-end (Angular/Backbone JS), Backend (Django), Mobile or DevOps.

Note: Developer fee starts at $3,000 / Month

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